Rennata Tropeano

Rennata Tropeano

As Artist living at the edge of the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts, I enjoy the beauty and diversity of the area famous for its combination of urban, suburban, rural, college town and traditional New England settings. But as in the other areas of my art, I also enjoy the exploring other areas and the unique beauty that they hold.

Media and Methods

In addition to working with the traditional artist media of photography, pens, pencils and paints, I also explore college and textile arts. Once I have created a piece in one of these mediums, I try to translate it into a digital media, to further explore the possibilities.

About my Art

My art centers on the exploration of various artistic mediums and methods. God’s Beauty is all around us. To be able to see it, and capture the idea or image and share with others is a joy to me. I explore what medium best shows the idea of feeling, and enhances the image. Sometimes it is a painting, others a college. It could be digital painting, a photograph, a sculpture. Art is an experience, and I thank you for sharing it with me.


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